My Vitamin Bar 2m (2 juice extractors)

توضیحات شرکت سازنده


Waste collection bin capacity 20 lt.

Radiator Motor 220-230 Volt / 1 / 3-1 / 2 HP

Juicer motor 220-230 Volt / Power 1500 Watt / 50-60 Hz


2 years


40 days (unless goods are in stock).

With the delivery of the refrigerator, clear instructions are given.

Comparative Advantages

1) Speed ​​of juicing with a powerful motor 1500: It takes only 5 seconds to fill the glass.

2) Unique patent in fruit and vegetables juicers worldwide.

3) Automated cleaning with the push of a button.

4) Manual cleaning only once at the end of the day, which is completed in just 10 minutes.

5) All parts which ‘’touch’’ the juice until it reaches the glass are removable and can be easily cleaned.

6) It offers 100% natural juice, as each fruit gives 98% of its vitamins.

7) Fruits and vegetables require no cutting or peeling.

8) Smart technology centrifugally separates juice from the pulp waste.

9) Innovative design.

10) High quality piping system specially designed for food.

11) It operates through connection with the water system.

12) No loss of juice because of a special placement for the glass

13) The client chooses the fruits and vegetables.

My Vitamin Bar 2m (2 juice extractors)